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Disable Volley cache management

Is there a way I could disable the Volley cache management? My app is using Google Volley library to manage the transport layer, but I have my own cache manager implementation because the server does not uses Cache-Control header. I want to save the space that Volley cache is using because it is totally useless.

Is there any easy way? or should I implement my own version of


Any suggestion appreciated.

Answer Source

If you use any of the default Request classes implemented in volley(e.g. StringRequest, JsonRequest, etc.), then call setShouldCache(false) right before adding the request object to the volley RequestQueue:


If you have your own implementation of the Request class, then you can call setShouldCache(false) in the constructor of your class.

This solution disables caching for each requests individually. If you want to disable caching globally from the volley library, you can permanently set the mShouldCache variable to false in the Request class.

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