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Finding node module from different directory?

Always feel stupid asking here because people are always confused with my questions, or I have a dumb problem, but, I'm working on a program in node.js and the text editor I'm using (NP++) doesn't seem to like to save files in the system32 directoy, (The directory where my modules are), and that is where my script is as well. (So I have .../.../node_modules/(modules) and .../.../node_modules/script.js) this becomes a pain when I want to edit the script, I have to clone the script to my desktop, then edit it, then overwrite the one in the node_modules directory. I tried saving the script to my desktop and running it, but it just gives me an error of module not found. (In my script I have the modules as

var example = require('example.js')
) Is there any way I can get it to get the modules from the node_modules directory, while keeping the script file somewhere easily accessible and editable? (i.e desktop?) (Sorry if this is confusing, not the best at these kind of things)

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I'm not 100% sure that this is what's happening because I haven't used npm on Windows, but it sounds to me like you're installing your dependencies globally using npm -g. The more proper way to use Node is to install your dependencies locally, using npm without the -g flag. That way your dependencies get installed in your current working directory.

For example, let's say you've saved your project in a directory on your Desktop, and your script uses require("lodash"). If you cd to your directory and run npm install lodash, then the lodash module will be available to your script.

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