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iOS Question

How to convert an Int to a Character in Swift

I've struggled and failed for over ten minutes here and I give in. I need to convert an Int to a Character in Swift and cannot solve it.


How do you convert (cast) an

(integer) to a
(char) in Swift?

Illustrative Problem/Task Challenge

Generate a for loop which prints the letters 'A' through 'Z', e.g. something like this:

for(var i:Int=0;i<26;i++) { //Important to note - I know
print(Character('A' + i)); //this is horrendous syntax...
} //just trying to illustrate! :)

Answer Source

You can't convert an integer directly to a Character instance, but you can go from integer to UnicodeScalar to Character and back again:

let startingValue = Int(("A" as UnicodeScalar).value) // 65
for i in 0 ..< 26 {
    print(Character(UnicodeScalar(i + startingValue)))
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