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ng mock e2e Unexpected Request

I'm using the ngMockE2E to mock the httpBackend while developing the UI in Angular JS. The App runs on a Grizzly-Server with a backend which is provided by a virtual machine. Now when I go on the Website the Console logs the Error:

Unexpected request: GET /api/info

No more request expected

In my case I only want to mock the data of one database. Additional to that I want to turn the mock ON/OFF on the fly via a button. This was working until the Error comes up.
For that case I've written the following:

$httpBackend.whenPOST(function (url) {
if (!mockup) {
return false;
var target_url = (someUrl);
return target_url === url;
}).respond(function (method, url, data) {
return [200, [someData], {}, 'mockupData'];

Additional to that I've added the following to pass all the other requests:

// pass the rest of the queries

Answer Source

So for all of you who face the same problem. I found a workaround for the issue. But I'm sure there should be another better solution. For that I used an Interceptor which is also provided by angular. Here the api

So I wrote this:

app.factory('httpInterceptor', function () {
        return {
            'response': function (response) {
                // therefore you can enable the mockup with a switch or a button
                if (!mockup) {
                    return response;
                try {
                    // in the config object is the requested url
                    if (response.config.url !== someUrl) {
                        // don't intercept; return response unchanged
                        return response;
                    // found an url which should be mocked
                    // generate or modify the data
                    var generatedData = generateSomeData();
                    return response;
                } catch (TypeError) {
                    // don't intercept
                    return response;
app.config(['$httpProvider', function ($httpProvider) {
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