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react-native undefined is not an object (evaluating RCCManager.setRootController)

I'm trying to make a simple react-native app with redux and redux-saga tie-ins. Unfortunately, when I try to run the app (whether using

react-native run-ios
or running through Xcode, I get the following error:

error message: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'RCCManager.setRootController')

Strangely enough, when I ported things like the Counter example for redux-saga to react-native or other examples I don't have this issue. I'm wondering if someone could help point to where things could be going wrong?

Answer Source

So turns out I just needed to link some more libraries together.

Reinstalling these components helped:

npm install --save react-native and npm install --save react-native-controllers

followed by rnpm link fixed the issue

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