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How to serialize Optional<T> classes with Gson?

I have an object with the following attributes.

private final String messageBundle;
private final List<String> messageParams;
private final String actionBundle;
private final Map<String, String> data;
private final Optional<Pair<Integer,TimeUnit>> ttl;
private final Optional<Integer> badgeNumber;
private final Optional<String> collapseKey;

The object is in a library, i would rather not modify it just for serialization purpose, and would like to avoid the cost of creating another DTO.

How can i serialize / unserialize Optional attributes? Optional doesn't have a default constructor (neither apache commons Pair), but i can't use the InstanceCreator, and don't really understand how to create a TypeAdapter that would simply delegate the serialization to the underlying Optional content.

Answer Source

The solution by Ilya ignores type parameters, so it can't really work in the general case. My solution is rather complicated, because of the need to distinguish between null and Optional.absent() -- otherwise you could strip away the encapsulation as a list.

public class GsonOptionalDeserializer<T>
implements JsonSerializer<Optional<T>>, JsonDeserializer<Optional<T>> {

    public Optional<T> deserialize(JsonElement json, Type typeOfT, JsonDeserializationContext context)
            throws JsonParseException {
        final JsonArray asJsonArray = json.getAsJsonArray();
        final JsonElement jsonElement = asJsonArray.get(0);
        final T value = context.deserialize(jsonElement, ((ParameterizedType) typeOfT).getActualTypeArguments()[0]);
        return Optional.fromNullable(value);

    public JsonElement serialize(Optional<T> src, Type typeOfSrc, JsonSerializationContext context) {
        final JsonElement element = context.serialize(src.orNull());
        final JsonArray result = new JsonArray();
        return result;
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