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arm vector table pointing one byte after

I have small application that compiles and runs well on my ARM Cortex M4. But when I disassemble binary file, that I flush, here is how first bytes look like:

00000000 <.data>:
0: 20020000 andcs r0, r2, r0
4: 080003b5 stmdaeq r0, {r0, r2, r4, r5, r7, r8, r9}
8: 08000345 stmdaeq r0, {r0, r2, r6, r8, r9}
c: 08000351 stmdaeq r0, {r0, r4, r6, r8, r9}

080003b5 should be the address of Reset handler (I have .word Reset_Handler there), but disassembling ELF shows that Reset handler is actually located at 080003b4, which is 1 byte before:

080003b4 <Reset_Handler>:
80003b4: 2100 movs r1, #0
80003b6: e003 b.n 80003c0 <InitData>

(It's running in THUMB mode, I have 2byte instructions).

Even if I disassemble the binary file, it's located at 080003b4:

000003b4 <.data+0x3b4>:
3b4: 2100 movs r1, #0
3b6: e003 b.n 0x3c0

My question is, why does it point 1 byte after? This code surprisingly works on actual board. Even without disassembling, shouldn't instructions be aligned by 2 byte? how can address be 0x000003b5?

Answer Source

Answer: ARM uses it for switching to THUMB mode.

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