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Less Question

How is there less code in a regular bootstrap page?

As I understand it .less is a style sheet language that can be compiled into css.

So far so good. However, when I use the Developer Tools in Chrome and, say, look at the css class name

it says that is defined in

The less folder doesn't exist. This is very mysterious.

Why does it tell me that class is defined in that file when it doesn't exist?

I thought .less had to be compiled into regular css before being deployed - but Chrome appears to understand it?!

The only reference to any file in the page is a link to the current version of bootstrap.css

This is probably a stupid question - but can somebody please explain what is going on.


Answer Source

It is done with help of source maps.

Instead of removing the source map file though you may simply disable the feature in the chrome dev tool options -> Preferences -> Sources -> Untick the "Enable CSS source maps".

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