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Python - Loop waiting for input

I have looked around on the StackOverflow forums, unable to find a solution that applies to my specific problem.

I need to write a bit of code, that is continuously checking for user input.
I have got a Raspberry Pi with a Barcode Scanner attached to it. I want my Python script to loop, waiting for my Barcode Scanner to bleep something (which will then "type" it in the active window, it's acting like a keyboard). When the barcode scanner 'types' the 8 digit number - I need the Python script to stop - take the input and save it in a variable.

This is the only psuedocode I could come up with:

// Create variable, store an empty string

// Create a while loop
// Within the while loop, continuously check for input.
// If input has been found, stop the loop and save the input in a variable.

I am terribly sorry I couldn't come up with my own code - I just have no idea where to start.

EDIT: The scanner 'types' the digits out. But does not press ENTER. So I have no idea how I can program around that.

Answer Source

You can use this library on a RaspberryPi:

import readchar

inputStr = ""

while len(inputStr) != 8:
    inputStr += str(readchar.readchar())

# Quote: "Save it in variable"

variable = inputStr

# Clean
inputStr = ""

Or, to shorten everything:

import readchar

variable = ""
while len(variable) != 8:
    variable += str(readchar.readchar())
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