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How to join two different array values and create csv file in php

Here is my task

$value1= ['apple', 'ball', 'cat', 'dog'];
$value2= ['elephant', 'frog', 'griffee', 'honeybee'];
$value3 = [1,3,4,5];

I want to create a csv file by combining this two different array.

$fp = fopen('sample.csv', 'w');

foreach ( $value as $values ) {
$val1 = explode(",", $values1);
fputcsv($fp, $val1);

and output of csv should be apple, elephant

ball, frog, 1
cat, griffee, 3
dog, honeybee, 4

I am getting only single column. if i join two array it's showing error.

Can any one help me how to solve this problem. Thanks you and all suggestions are welcome.

Answer Source

Pay close attention to the variable names you use, you have several typos. That being said. Try this code

$value1 = ['apple', 'ball', 'cat', 'dog'];
$value2 = ['elephant', 'frog', 'griffee', 'honeybee'];

$fp = fopen('sample.csv', 'w');

for ( $i = 0; $i < count($value1) - 1; ++$i) {
   fputcsv($fp, array($value1[$i], $value2[$i]));

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