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Linux Question

Run text files in terminal

Does anyone know if there's a way to run automatically in shell a list of commands (from a text file)?

I need to run a lot of scripts (around 1000). The scripts are in python and take 2 arguments each (dir_#, and sample#)

The text file I've made looks like this...

python /home/name/scripts/ dir_1 sample1
python /home/name/scripts/ dir_2 sample2
python /home/name/scripts/ dir_3 sample3
python /home/name/scripts/ dir_4 sample4

So, I would expect that passing this text file as argument to a command in terminal, could do the job automatically...

Thanks in advance,


Answer Source

That's called a "shell script."

Add this to the top of your file:


Then execute this command:

chmod +x filename

Then execute it like a program:


Alternately, you can execute the shell directly, telling it to execute the commands in your file:

sh -e filename
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