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Firebase Crash Reporting Multiple Issues

I am setting up Firebase Crash Reporting on my iOS App. I have imported the necessary json files and set up the shell script. However, when I click run on the simulator, I get 11 errors all say about the same thing. Here are two of them:

warning: dump_syms: /var/folders/5l/20by_c_57fb7jhv3jh72jw9m0000gn/T/**App Name**.dSYM/Contents/Resources/DWARF/**App Name**: in compilation unit '/Users/mikelehen/firebase/firebase-client-objc/Firebase/Firebase/Utilities/FUtilities.m' (offset 0x28a2e): `

warning: dump_syms: /var/folders/5l/20by_c_57fb7jhv3jh72jw9m0000gn/T/**App name**.dSYM/Contents/Resources/DWARF/**App Name**: the DIE at offset 0x28fc1 has a DW_AT_abstract_origin attribute referring to the die at offset 0x2940f, which either was not marked as an inline, or comes later in the file `

When I try to run it on my iPhone I get only four issues.

Also, my name is not mikelehen which is for some reason in one of the issues.

After following the instructions on Firebase's website about simulating a crash, I never get the log output about the crash being uploaded.

Any idea of what I'm doing wrong here?

Here is the script that is in my build phases:

JSON_FILE="../**App Name**/ServiceAccount.json"


defaults write version -integer 1
JSON=$(cat "${JSON_FILE}")
/usr/bin/plutil -replace "app_${GOOGLE_APP_ID//:/_}" -json "${JSON}" "$HOME/Library/Preferences/"

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Try : Build Phases --> Run Script

Click " Run script only when installing ''

it should be solved you issue.

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