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Cant make case-insensitive regular expression in PHP

I cant make a working regexp in php. I'm using

flag at regexp pattern, but it doesnt make a effect on result of my script:

$page = "Test";
$page1 = "test";
var_dump(preg_match("#^test#i", $page));
// int(0)
var_dump(preg_match("#^test#i", $page1));
// int(1)

I really cant realize, where i made a mistake, please help.

Answer Source

If you want to check case-sensitive you have to remove the i:

$page = "Test";
$page1 = "test";
var_dump(preg_match("/^test/", $page));  // int(0)
var_dump(preg_match("/^test/", $page1)); // int(1)

If you want to check case-insensitive you have to add the i:

$page = "Test";
$page1 = "test";
var_dump(preg_match("/^test/i", $page));  // int(1)
var_dump(preg_match("/^test/i", $page1)); // int(1)

demo: http://ideone.com/Ab9nrs

I tried your code on 3v4l.org and it looks good on the most PHP versions: https://3v4l.org/5UeCu

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