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Python: EOFError: EOF when reading a line

This may be repeated, but none of the existing answers solved my problem.

So, I'm using

Python 2.7
, and I get this error (title) whenever I try this:

number = int(raw_input('Number : '))

I tried this in Sublime Text 2, compileronline.com and in codecademy; it fails in the first 2 of this sites. It works on codecademy and in the terminal compiler, but I can't understand exactly why it is failing.

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The issue here is that Sublime text 2's console doesn't support input.

To fix this issue, you can install a package called SublimeREPL. SublimeREPL provides a Python interpreter that takes in input.

And as for compileronline.com, you need to provide input in the "STDIN Input" field on the lower right of the website.