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Android charting libraries

I am developing an app for Android and I am trying to find a fast and reliable charting library. After some searching, I found 4 libraries: AChartEngine, WilliamChart, HelloCharts and AndroidPlot. I need some up to date feedback about the performance and the stability of these libraries because all the information I could find was outdated.

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You can use MPAndroidChart.

It's native, easy to use, fast and reliable.

Core features:

  • LineChart, BarChart (vertical, horizontal, stacked, grouped), PieChart, ScatterChart, CandleStickChart (for financial data), RadarChart (spider web chart), BubbleChart
  • Combined Charts (e.g. lines and bars in one)
  • Scaling on both axes (with touch-gesture, axes separately or pinch-zoom)
  • Dragging / Panning (with touch-gesture)
  • Separate (dual) y-axes
  • Highlighting values (with customizeable popup-views)
  • Support for dynamic & realtime data plotting
  • Save chart to SD-Card (as image)
  • Predefined color templates
  • Legends (generated automatically, customizeable)
  • Customizeable Axes (both x- and y-axis)
  • Animations (build up animations, on both x- and y-axis)
  • Limit lines (providing additional information, maximums, ...)
  • Listeners for touch, gesture & selection callbacks
  • Fully customizeable (paints, typefaces, legends, colors, background, dashed lines, ...)
  • mobile database support via MPAndroidChart-Realm library
  • Smooth rendering for up to 30.000 data points in Line- and BarChart
  • Lightweight (method count ~1.4K)
  • Available as .jar file (only 500kb in size)
  • Available as gradle dependency and via maven
  • Good documentation
  • Example Project (code for demo-application)
  • Google-PlayStore Demo Application
  • Widely used, great support on both GitHub and stackoverflow - mpandroidchart
  • Also available for iOS: Charts (API works the same way)
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