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Xcode UI Testing: Executing a Test Conditionally

Using Xcode UI Testing, I want to implement code that runs if a particular UI element in present in the app. My app has a logged-in state and I want to log the user out if they are currently logged in. I've been unable to find documentation to suggest a way out of this paper bag.

Everything I've read shows two possible paths: using

(which would cause my test to fail immediately if the element weren't present) and using
(which would cause my test to time out if the element weren't present). I need a more simple way to run different code if the app is in a given state.

To put it in code, I'm looking for something like this:

if let signOutElement = app.collectionViews.staticTexts["Sign Out"] {

Alas, this doesn't work.

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There's nothing wrong with using a conditional during testing. The problem with your code is that it is nonsense from a Swift point of view; if let is meaningless here, as your expression does not return an Optional. You do still have to talk legal Swift, after all.

Why not try something like this?

if app.collectionViews.staticTexts["Sign Out"].exists
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