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SQL Question

can datetime type of sql server hold time only?

I'm trying to store time in format

05:00 PM

in database. but when i insert the data it automatically stores date as well like

2016-07-20 17:00:00.000

All i want only


in database

Answer Source

You cant store Time only in a datetime field it stores default date,Use TIME data type if you are on 2008..

declare @t datetime
select @t=cast(getdate() as time)
print @t
---Jan  1 1900  9:17AM

declare @t time
select @t=cast(getdate() as time)
print @t

for sql 2008

select cast(getdate() as time)

for 2005

select convert(varchar(10),getdate(),108)

your exact format

select cast(datepart(hour,getdate()) as varchar(10))+':'+ cast(datepart(minute,getdate()) as varchar(10))

You also can use FORMAT to store only time (From SQl 2012)

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