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WAMP Cannot access on local network 403 Forbidden

I know this question has been asked a lot of times

I followed Most of the answers in the internet But I still get the same Message

403 Forbidden

You don't have permission to access / on this server.

It is weird that when I access using the same PC to
it runs normally but if I access using my IP address

Also which is really weird is that I tried to install WAMP on other PC and without any configuration I could access to that PC.

So I thought it's because McAfee and Firewall so I open port on Widows and McAfee and nothing changed also I turned off Firewall and still nothing change.

Then for no reason I opened port through the Router “port forwarding” and still nothing changed.

I don't think that it's because my configuration in WAMP since I am still able to get this
403 Forbidden
Message and also by using other PC without any configuration I could access it.

Both PCs are setup like this:

Windows 8 Pro

  • WAMP Wampserver: 2.4

  • Apache Version: 2.4.4

  • PHP Version: 5.4.12

  • MySQL Version: 5.6.12

The accessible PC uses Microsoft Security Essentials.

The inaccessible PC uses McAfee Internet Security.

I tried to turn off WAMP and start IIS For Microsoft Server (I works perfectly From any PC) but WAMP is still not not working

I followed these tutorial:

And the Stack Overflow answers here:

Answer Source

By default Wampserver comes configured as securely as it can, so Apache is set to only allow access from the machine running wamp. Afterall it is supposed to be a development server and not a live server.

Also there was a little error released with WAMPServer 2.4 where it used the old Apache 2.2 syntax instead of the new Apache 2.4 syntax for access rights.

You need to change the security setting on Apache to allow access from anywhere else, so edit your httpd.conf file.

Change this section from :

#   onlineoffline tag - don't remove
     Order Deny,Allow
     Deny from all
     Allow from
     Allow from ::1
     Allow from localhost

To :

#   onlineoffline tag - don't remove
    Require local
    Require ip 192.168.0

The Require local allows access from these ip's & localhost & ::1.

The statement Require ip 192.168.0 will allow you to access the Apache server from any ip on your internal network. Also it will allow access using the server mechines actual ip address from the server machine, as you are trying to do.

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