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How to install my .xpi on firefox android

I work on a firefox addon using JPM.

I want to install it on my android phone, i've run "jpm xpi" and copy xpi on my sdcard. When i browse to file://path/to/my/xpi in android firefox nothing happen.
Same issue if i upload xpi on my server and browse to url.

i've tested with google play firefox up to date version and nighty.

where is my mistake?

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Neither ES File Explorer nor X-plore worked for me (as per Trasd's comment). I saw the three Firefox's, but none of them triggered to install the XPI.

The solution for me was creating an installer HTML file in the same directory as the .xpi files, like the following.

install.html: <html><body> <a href="adblockplus.xpi">ABP</a> <a href="flashvideodownloader.xpi">FVD</a> <!-- replace the above with the names of your add-ons in the same directory --> </body></html> Then, you can either:

  1. Enter the path to this install file directly in Firefox, e.g. file:///storage/sdcard0/MyXPIFiles/install.html
  2. Or, navigate to the file in your File Manager and open it in Firefox when prompted.

In Firefox viewing the install.html file you created, click on each link on the page, and you should see a prompt, "Firefox prevented this add-on from installing on your device." Just click "Allow", and it should install.

EDIT: Apologies, I see you said that navigating to a URL did not work for you. But if no one minds, I'll leave my answer here, cause it's the only one that worked for me, and maybe others too.

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