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.jar file not generating in android studio

I'm working project which requires another project's .jar file.
I'm using android studio 2.3.3.
Following is code to generate .jar file

task clearJar(type: Delete) {
delete 'build/outputs/NAME.jar'}

task makeJar(type: Copy) {
rename ('classes.jar', 'NAME.jar')}

makeJar.dependsOn(clearJar, build)

When i compile a project and call makeJar it executes successful, but I'm unable to find NAME.jar at desired location.
.aar file is generated, but i want .jar file.
Please help me to find a way.

Answer Source

I was facing the same problem earlier, I resolved it by clearing invalidated cache and restart studio.

Go to file -> Invalidate caches and restart. It will take time.

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