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How to change the default syntax highlighting for new files in Sublime Text

When I'm opening a new file (e.g. with Ctrl+N), the default Syntax in Sublime Text 3 is just Plain Text. I would like to change that into e.g. Markdown. (How) Is that possible?

I would like to avoid a "hacky" solution as proposed here:

creat a file in your Packages/User directory called
'' or something, and add this:

import sublime, sublime_plugin

class DefaultSyntaxCommand(sublime_plugin.EventListener):
def on_new(self, view):

Answer Source

It is possible with the ApplySyntax Plugin. Once it is installed (e.g. via PackageControl), you can set the ApplySyntax User Settings like that:

"new_file_syntax": "Markdown/MultiMarkdown",


"new_file_syntax": "Markdown/Markdown",

depending on your installed Markdown syntax. Now if you open a new file, your default syntax will be Markdown.

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