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Reallocate dynamic array within struct from function

I have read other questions that are somewhat related to this topic on StackOverflow (namely (1) and (2)), but they do not address my question regarding a member array specified within a struct in a manner that I could follow logically.

In C, I specify a double pointer as a member of my struct to store a 2-D dynamic array.

typedef struct CharArrayXY
char **array; // A look-up table pointing to a 2-D arrangement of values stored in memory
size_t used_x; // Number of arrays occupying 2-D array
size_t *used_y; // Number of elements occupying each array
size_t size_x; // Number of spaces allocated for arrays in 2-D array
size_t *size_y; // Number of spaces allocated for elements in each array
} CharArrayXY;

I initialize all of the members of the struct with a
call in a separate function. This is the important bit from that function:

a->array = malloc(sizeof(*a->array) * x_dim);
// Check if it's NULL...
for (x_ind = 0; x_ind < x_dim; x_ind++)
a->array[x_ind] = malloc(sizeof(char) * y_dim);

a->size_x = x_dim;

a->size_y = malloc(sizeof(size_t) * x_dim);
// Check if it's NULL...
for (x_ind = 0; x_ind < x_dim; x_ind++)
a->size_y[x_ind] = y_dim;

a->used_x = 0;

a->used_y = malloc(sizeof(size_t) * x_dim);
// Check if it's NULL...
for (x_ind = 0; x_ind < x_dim; x_ind++)
a->used_y[x_ind] = 0;

I attempt to resize the array with
call in a very similar fashion. After I ensure enough rows / columns are allocated, I add a new element.

void add_char_xy (CharArrayXY *a, char element, size_t x_ind)
if (a->used_x == a->size_x)
printf("Reallocating for more space...\n");
a->size_x += 2;
temp_ptr = realloc(a->array, sizeof(*a->array) * a->size_x);
if (temp_ptr == NULL)
fprintf(stderr, "realloc() call failed.\n");
a->array = temp_ptr;

if (a->used_y[x_ind] == a->size_y[x_ind])
a->size_y[x_ind] += 10;
a->array[x_ind] = realloc(a->array[x_ind], sizeof(*a->array[x_ind]) * a->size_y[x_ind]);

printf("Storing '%c' in CharArrayXY[%zu][%zu].\n", element, x_ind, a->used_y[x_ind]);
a->array[x_ind][a->used_y[x_ind]] = element;

Then, everything is called.

CharArrayXY two_array;
size_t x_dim = 5;
size_t y_dim = 10;

init_xy(&two_array, x_dim, y_dim);

// Assign random characters to my array
char random_letter;
size_t x_ind, y_ind;
for (x_ind = 0; x_ind < (x_dim + 3); x_ind++)
for (y_ind = 0; y_ind < y_dim; y_ind++)
random_letter = 'a' + (random() % 26);
add_char_xy(&two_array, random_letter, x_ind);

When I do this,
member (for keeping track of the size of the arrays the double pointer points to) seems to be reallocated to a new block of memory since it is updated to
instead of
after I
member when I try to add the new element to recently re-sized member in my struct.

... Storing many characters in the array
Storing 'b' in CharArrayXY[4][0]. <-- Array is being populated fine (hasn't been reallocated yet, still filling initialized array)
Storing 'l' in CharArrayXY[4][1].
Storing 'd' in CharArrayXY[4][2].
Storing 'b' in CharArrayXY[4][3].
Storing 'e' in CharArrayXY[4][4].
Storing 'f' in CharArrayXY[4][5].
Storing 's' in CharArrayXY[4][6].
Storing 'a' in CharArrayXY[4][7].
Storing 'r' in CharArrayXY[4][8].
Storing 'c' in CharArrayXY[4][9].
Reallocating for more space...
Storing 'b' in CharArrayXY[5][65]. <-- Right after the realloc() call
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Why does it appear that the value of
is filled with a trash value from memory during when I attempt to

Answer Source

After some edits and comments :) the problem is:

You have to reallocate a->used_y and all variables correlated to the size of array each time you change the size (increase) of array.

Make also sure to init new allocated memory of a->used_y.

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