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jQuery Question

save Lat and Lng when click on map

I'm trying to use the below code to save "lat" and "lng" value when user clicks on map but

I get "undefined" for both lat and lng !!!

"latStorage" is the storage name where I want to store the lat

"lngStorage" is the storage name where I want to store the lng

var placedMarkers = 0;
var availableMarkersToPlace = 1;
setTimeout( function(){
if(placedMarkers >= availableMarkersToPlace)
var map = Appery("google_map").gmap;
google.maps.event.addListener(map, 'click', function(event) {
localStorage.setItem('latStorage', event.latLng.lat);
localStorage.setItem('lngStorage', event.latLng.Lng);
alert (event.latLng);
}, 1000);

Answer Source

You need to invoice lat and lng which are functions:

localStorage.setItem('latStorage', event.latLng.lat());
localStorage.setItem('lngStorage', event.latLng.lng());
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