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Android Question

How MPAndroidChart display all xaxis values

I'm developing some chart features using MPAndroidChart library.

Is there any way to display all the xaxis values I added?
Seems that the library will auto calculate on xaxis, some of values will be hidden.
ex. display date: 05-17 05-17 05-15 ....
the same day 05-17 will not shown.


Answer Source

Check out the documentation of the XAxis.

And the method setLabelsToSkip(...). If you set that to 0, none of the labels in your x-axis will be skipped during rendering.

Update v3.0.0

As of this release, the x-axis is treated equally to the y-axis. If you want to display all labels, you can do so by using the axis.setLabelCount(...) method.

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