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ASP.NET (C#) Question

ASP.NET Index method not being called after return view

So I'm pretty new to ASP.Net and I'm having some issues. The problem is when I want to call upon a new controller and show the corresponding view, the index method in that controller does not get activated.

I have this code in my LoginController (I know this is insecure):

public ActionResult LoginTest(string inputEmail, string inputPassword, string submit)
if(submit != null)
Session["email"] = inputEmail;
return View("~/Views/Home/index.cshtml");
return null;

And this is the code in the controller/view I'm calling (HomeController):

public ActionResult Index()
if(Session["email"] != null)
ViewBag.HelloWorld = Session["email"].ToString();
} else
ViewBag.HelloWorld = "Does not work.";
return View();

Am I not supposed to do this through return View()? Is there a method that calls the controller which calls the corresponding view?

Any help is appreciated.

Answer Source

Use RedirectToAction in your LoginController instead of return View("~/Views/Home/index.cshtml");:

return RedirectToAction("Index", "Index");
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