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Git Question

Git Remote: Error: fatal: protocol error: bad line length character: Unab

I set up a git server and want now to push initially my repo from the client.
I used

git push origin master
and get this error message:

fatal: protocol error: bad line length character: Unab

I don't know what's wrong. I don't know what "Unab" is. I tried tu resize the shell but it is still "Unab".
I cannot find a solution for this error message.

I setup the server with "authorized_keys" and SSH. (I can connect to it, using SSH.)

It seems to be a git problem?

BTW: The server is set up in a Windows 7 VM

Answer Source

The complaint is actually that the remote didn't reply with a proper git response - ie, there's a problem on the server running . (The first four bytes should be the line length - instead, they were the characters Unab... probably an error message of some kind.)

What happens when you run ssh <host> git-receive-pack <path-to-git-repository>? You should see the error message that your git client is barfing on.

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