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Can't use canOpenUrl for InterApp communication

I would like to communicate between two Apps installed on the same phone. In order to do this, I read many official documents to understand that I have to implement a Custom URL Scheme.

Before iOS 9, it seems that we have to add a URLType in Info
and define the URL Scheme : " ".

But after the iOS 9, it change the way to communicate between Apps.

The url scheme example is discussed in: Querying URL Schemes with canOpenURL.

My App A code below:

@IBAction func sender(sender: AnyObject) {

let ourapplication : UIApplication = UIApplication.sharedApplication()
let ourpath : String = "iOSTest://"
let oururl : NSURL = NSURL(string: ourpath)!


At My App B, I add a url name iOSTest in Info.plist


When I install the two App on my iPhone to test, it doesn't work at all.

Here is my error!

Error photo

What's wrong with my App?

Answer Source

You have it setup incorrectly. The app calling canOpenURL is the app that needs to add the custom scheme to the LSApplicationQueriesSchemes list.

Since App A is calling canOpenURL for iIOSTest, it is App A that needs to add iOSTest to the LSApplicationQueriesSchemes list, not App B.

App B would be the app that needs to register that it responds to iOSTest so that it will be opened when some other app calls openURL with a scheme of iOSTest.

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