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AngularJS Question

Angular UI-Router How to create a "layout" state?

Given an HTML file like so:

<header ui-view="header"></header>
<div class="main" ui-view></div>
<footer ui-view="footer"></footer>

How would one create a layout state that fills the "header" with a header template, the footer with a footer template, and then allow child states to fill the empty ui-view?

I suppose the empty ui-view could also be named something like ui-view="main".

Answer Source

One way is to make a global 'root' state. So, each and every state will be it's child. Like root.pages, root.pages.edit, root.settings, etc. Then you can provide default templates for header and footer.

Another way, different approach, that I use personally, is to use ng-include for header and footer.

<body ng-controller="AppCtrl">
  <div id="header" ng-include="'header.tpl.html'"></div>
  <div class="main_container" ui-view>

Btw. I use seperate controller in header.tpl.html, that is a child of main AppCtrl.:

<div id="header" ng-controller="HeaderCtrl"> ....
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