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Generate password in python

I'dl like to generate some alphanumeric passwords in python. Some possible ways are:

import string
from random import sample, choice
chars = string.letters + string.digits
length = 8
''.join(sample(chars,length)) # way 1
''.join([choice(chars) for i in range(length)]) # way 2

But I don't like both because:

  • way 1 only unique chars selected and you can't generate passwords where length > len(chars)

  • way 2 we have
    variable unused and I can't find good way how to avoid that

So, any other good options?

P.S. So here we are with some testing with
for 100000 iterations:

''.join(sample(chars,length)) # way 1; 2.5 seconds
''.join([choice(chars) for i in range(length)]) # way 2; 1.8 seconds (optimizer helps?)
''.join(choice(chars) for _ in range(length)) # way 3; 1.8 seconds
''.join(choice(chars) for _ in xrange(length)) # way 4; 1.73 seconds
''.join(map(lambda x: random.choice(chars), range(length))) # way 5; 2.27 seconds

So, the winner is
''.join(choice(chars) for _ in xrange(length))

Answer Source

Option #2 seems quite reasonable except you could add a couple of improvements:

''.join(choice(chars) for _ in range(length))          # in py2k use xrange

_ is a conventional "I don't care what is in there" variable. And you don't need list comprehension there, generator expression works just fine for str.join. It is also not clear what "slow" means, if it is the only correct way.

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