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Java: How to access a 2D array contained in an object list

I wanted to make an array of 2D arrays, but was pointed towards an ArrayList by a member here, and following his suggestion I wrote the following code:

public class matrixArray {
double[][] array;
public matrixArray(double[][] initialArray){
array = initialArray;

I then implemented it by the following:

public static ArrayList LUDecompose(double[][] A){

ArrayList<matrixArray> LU = new ArrayList<>();
double[][] L = new double[A.length][A.length];
double[][] U = new double[A.length][A.length];

for(int j=0; j<(A.length-1);j++){
for(int i=(j+1); i<A.length; i++){

double lower = A[i][j]/A[j][j];
L[i][j] = lower;

double[] replacement = row_scalar_mult(lower,A[j]);
replacement = vector_add(replacement, A[i]);

row_replace(i, A, replacement);

LU.add(new matrixArray(L));
LU.add(new matrixArray(A));

return LU;

So far so good. Now, I want to access the 2D arrays in my fancy new ArrayList. When I try the following code in my main method, I get the error "Incompatible types: Object cannot be converted to double[][]":

double[][] L = LUDecompose(A).get(0);
double[][] U = LUDecompose(A).get(0);


ArrayList LU = LUDecompose(A);
double[][] L = LUDecompose(A).get(0);
double[][] U = LUDecompose(A).get(0);

So my question becomes: How do I access the "Object" to get out my treasured 2D Arrays?

Answer Source

You need to specify the proper return type in the method signature:

public static ArrayList<matrixArray> LUDecompose(double[][] A){

note the use of ArrayList<matrixArray> rather than just ArrayList

then use

ArrayList LU = LUDecompose(A);
double[][] L = LUDecompose(A).get(0).array;
double[][] U = LUDecompose(A).get(0).array;
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