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AngularJS Question

Change a div position dynamically in angularjs

I have a (complex) toolbar panel which can be on top or bottom of a page (it's configurable). Is there any way to avoid copy/paste the toolbar in bottom of the page?

Here is code in copy/paste way:

<div id="topToolbar" data-ng-show="configs.toolbarPosition=='TOP'">
<!-- toolbar -->

<!-- inner page contents -->

<div id="bottomToolbar" data-ng-show="configs.toolbarPosition=='BOTTOM'">
<!-- exactly copy/pasted toolbar -->

Answer Source

Keep the tool bar html in separate file, and include where ever you need.

<ng-include src="'views/toolbar.html'"></ng-include>

Also if you needed add a controller for all functionality. This will help you to reuse your code.

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