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How to add a custom block as a usual "product" to shop page / archive-product.php

I'm looking for a possibility to add a custom html block/post to the woocommerce "shop page" inside the products grid, as a product.

What I mean.. I have a grid of products on the "shop" page (archive-product) and I want to create a special post/page/html block with some text information, that will be inserted into the products grid as a one of "product", but with no price, with no title and unclickable. I've attached the screenshot of the final result I want to have, it's really self explaining - here it is exactly what I'm looking for.

As an idea probably I can create a special product with specific slug or title and the corresponding script with pre_get_posts hook will find this post/product and modify it to look like I need. I'm looking for some code/ideas how to insert this specific block/page/post into the archive-product page on some position in the grid. Thanks!

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Edit: Previous code was wrong, changed it here

while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($query))  
    if ($i == 2) {
        echo "Cusom block";
    echo "<p> Product block " . $row['column'] . " </p>";
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