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How to close the current fragment by using Button like the back button?

I have try to close the current fragment by using Imagebutton.

I am in Fragment-A and it will turn to the Fragment-B when I click the button.

And when I click the button at Fragment-B , it will turn to the Fragment-C and close the Fragment-B.

If I click the back button at Fragment-C , it will back to the Fragment-A.

The code I have try is like the following

camera_album = (ImageButton) view.findViewById(R.id.camera_album);

camera_album.setOnClickListener(new Button.OnClickListener() {
public void onClick(View v) {

Fragment fragment = FileBrowserFragment.newInstance(null, null, null) ;
MainActivity.addFragment(LocalFileBrowserFragment.this, fragment) ;


private void closefragment() {

When I click the back button at fragment-B , it turn to the Fragment-C.

But when I click the back button on Fragment-C , it doesn't back to the Fragment-A.
It back to the empty background. If I want to back to Fragment-A , I have to click the back button once again.

SO , it seem doesn't close the current fragment complete.

How to finish the current fragment like the back button of Android ?

Answer Source

From Fragment A, to go to B, replace A with B and use addToBackstack() before commit().

Now From Fragment B, to go to C, first use popBackStackImmediate(), this will bring back A. Now replace A with C, just like the first transaction.

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