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Why should I not use Turbo C++?

I am an Engineering Student from University Of Mumbai::RAIT.

I am learning C++ from "C++ Primer" by Stanley Lipman and using Visual C++ 2008 as IDE.

But, my institute and most of the institutes in my University prefer to use Turbo C++(Version 3.0) by Borland International.
What arguments can I put against the use of Turbo C++ in my institute?

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Turbo C is a real real old, and an ancient compiler! Actually there aren't any arguments as such that you can put to convince your professors to use modern IDEs like MS Visual C++, or Code::Blocks or any other good IDE for that matter.

Besides, there are lots of problems with Turbo C++(Im kinda sure TC3 is being used). I have no idea absolutely how you are going to convince them! :P

  • Its 16 bit (Since I am also from Mumbai University, I am pretty much sure, you people must be using TC3; 32 bit version of the compiler is also avaible)
  • The maximum amount of memory that a program can use is 2^16 = 64 KB, which is very small as compared to modern day programs!
  • The programs are more like console based -- ie, I doubt if you can make real great programs using it.
  • Debugging is not as efficient as they are in other IDEs
  • It does not conform with the standards that are laid down
  • You can never learn the concepts like exceptions, templates (which are now at the heart of C++ ) and like with TurboC++
  • The compiler does not support modern casts, only C-Style casts.
  • No STL
  • And I doubt if it goes well with 3rd party libraries! eg database or graphics libraries.
  • The compiler has bugs and does not issue proper diagnostic messages for erroneous programs.

  • You end up learning C with classes instead of C++ (kind of) :D :P

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