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jQuery Question

Remove Image Number From Color box Slideshow

In Color box,

I want to remove the image number being displayed for images i.e. image 2 of 4 from the colorbox slideshow.How am I supposed to do that?. What am I supposed to change?

For Example by adding

file is not solving my problem. I feel it can't be removed. But, we may have a solution in script programming..

So Far I have done as Follows:-

<a href="/img/slider/Bicycle.jpg" class="button1 button2" title="Image" ><img src="/img/slider/Bicycle.jpg" alt="Feature-img" align="right" style="width:100%; height: 240px;"/></a>

Answer Source

You add the following property to your colorbox call:

current: false

And it won't show the current number of the image.

You can refer this in the documentation here:

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