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SQL Question

MySQL SELECT * WHERE name = "something with a backslash \"

I have a table

table_id | name | amount
1 | Arby\'s| 12
2 | Wendy's| 8

I usually do a

SELECT * WHERE table_id = whatever

But I would like (instead) do:

SELECT * WHERE name = "Arby\'s";

However, I seem to be running into problems with the backslash. The result isn't showing up at all. I've also tried

SELECT * WHERE name = 'Arby's;

Without any luck.

Is there any way to search by name if the name contains apostrophes or other special characters (ampersands etc?)

Answer Source

If you're on PHP, you can use mysql_real_escape_string()

You might also want to look at this how to escape special character in mysql