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How to remove brackets from python string?

I know from the title you might think that this is a duplicate but it's not.

for id,row in enumerate(rows):
columns = row.findall("td")

teamName = columns[0].find("a").text, # Lag
playedGames = columns[1].text, # S
wins = columns[2].text,
draw = columns[3].text,
lost = columns[4].text,
dif = columns[6].text, # GM-IM
points = columns[7].text, # P - last column

dict[divisionName].update({id :{"teamName":teamName, "playedGames":playedGames, "wins":wins, "draw":draw, "lost":lost, "dif":dif, "points":points }})

This is how my Python code looks like. Most of the code is removed but essentially i am extracting some information from a website. And i am saving the information as a dictionary. When i print the dictionary every value has a bracket around them ["blbal"] which causes trouble in my Iphone application. I know that i can convert the variables to strings but i want to know if there is a way to get the information DIRECTLY as a string.

Answer Source

That looks like you have a string inside a list:


To get the string just index l = ["blbal"] print(l[0]) -> "blbal".

If it is a string use str.strip '["blbal"]'.strip("[]") or slicing '["blbal"]'[1:-1] if they are always present.

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