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CSS Question

remove space between 2nd box & 3rd box

in below image, you can see 3 boxes

enter image description here

There is some empty space between 2nd box & 3rd box, please help me to remove that space.

@media only screen and (min-width: 1224px)
.qty-ct2 {
float: left;
height: auto;
line-height: normal;
margin: 0 !important;
padding: 0 !important;
width: 34px;


<th rowspan="<?php echo $mergedCells; ?>" class="a-center" id ="cart2">
<?php echo $this->__('Qty') ?>

Answer Source

**edited **Just add

.increase {
         border-left: 0px solid #ccc !important;
         margin: 0px 0px !important;


!important for if css is not applying because of existing code.

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