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qollers qollers - 7 months ago 56
Ajax Question

Twitch API stream search URL get total streams AJAX

I have an ajax function hitting the Twitch API to get up to 100 "runescape" streams.

type: 'GET',
url: '',
headers: {'Client-ID': 'xxx'},
success: function(data) {

This returns the JSON response:
Object {_total: 95, _links: Object, streams: Array[82]}

But in my Twitch API URL, I've set
. I want the URL to return an object with
streams: Array[95]
to match the
_total: 95
. Because
total_: 95
is less than the
, I thought I would be able to get all the streams into one
array, but this isn't the case. Anybody familiar with the Twitch API? How come this isn't the case?


Jim Jim

You better go with:

Because as of the time of writing this it's a known issue they return less results then expected on the search endpoint