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Application_Start not firing?

I have an ASP.NET MVC (beta) application that I'm working on, and am having trouble figuring out if I'm doing something wrong, or if my

method in Global.asax.cs is in fact not firing when I try to debug the application.

I put a breakpoint on a line in my
method, and am expecting that when I attempt to debug the application that the breakpoint should get hit... but it never does. Not after I reset IIS, not after I reboot, not ever. Am I missing something? Why is this method never getting called?

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If this is in IIS, the app can get started before the debugger has attached. If so, I am not sure if you can thread sleep long enough to get attached.

In Visual Studio, you can attach the debugger to a process. You do this by clicking Debug >> Attach to process. Attach to the browser and then hit your application. To be safe, then restart IIS and hit the site. I am not 100% convinced this will solve the problem, but it will do much better than firing off a thread sleep in App_Start.

Another option is temporarily host in the built in web server until you finish debugging application start.