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C++ : const declrations duplicate symbols issue

I want to avoid #defines in my code. Accordingly, I have the following in a header file :

#ifndef __GATENAMES__
#define __GATENAMES__

namespace GateNames
const char* CBSD_GATE_TO_SAS = "CbsdGate_SAS_INOUT";
const char* CBSD_GATE_TO_SAS_OUT = "CbsdGate_SAS_INOUT$o";
const char* CBSD_GATE_TO_SAS_IN = "CbsdGate_SAS_INOUT$i";
const char* SAS_GATE_TO_CBSD = "SasGate_CBSD_INOUT";
const char* SAS_GATE_TO_ESC = "SasGate_ESC_INOUT";
const char* SAS_GATE_TO_ESC_OUT = "SasGate_ESC_INOUT$o";
const char* SAS_GATE_TO_ESC_IN = "SasGate_ESC_INOUT$i";

This header file is included in various places in my code. However, the linker complains that the symbols are multiply defined:

../out/gcc-debug/src/CbsdSim.o:(.data.rel.local+0x0): multiple definition of `GateNames::CBSD_GATE_TO_SAS'

How can I get around this problem? Thanks.

Answer Source

Firstly, names like this __GATENAMES__, (any name starting with an underscore and an uppercase letter or containing two consecutive underscores) is reserved for the C++ implementation - you shgould not be creating such names in your own code.

Secondly, your constness is a bit mixed up, instead of things like:

const char*   CBSD_GATE_TO_SAS            = "CbsdGate_SAS_INOUT";

you want:

 const char *  const CBSD_GATE_TO_SAS            = "CbsdGate_SAS_INOUT";

In other words, it's the pointer that's got to be const to limit the linkage of the pointer, not the thing pointed to (although in this case that also has to be const).

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