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Android Question

Determine vendor specific versions of android from cordova

I'm posting this because after thoroughly researching this, I had to read through the code on a plugin to determine the answer.

To determine if a device is samsung specific ( any of the galaxy series ) for android, cordova-plugin-device is the correct plugin to reference, but their README.md does not mention the correct property to look at.

will be 'samsung' when the device is a samsung galaxy device.

Disclaimer : Its not in the readme, but if you look under the www folder of the plugin, you'll see that
is set. I can't testify that its accurate with Apple, Windows, Tizen, or other devices, but for Android devices, it seems to work just fine.

Answer Source

Check the plugin www for cordova-plugin-device to access any properties that may not be available in ReadMe.md from that cordova plugin.

device.manufacturer is the one I was looking for in this instance, but there are others available.

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