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C# Question

How to call another controller Action From a controller in Mvc

I need to call a controller B action FileUploadMsgView from Controller A and need to pass a parameter for it.

Code---its not going to the controller B's FileUploadMsgView().
In ControllerA
private void Test()

{//some codes here
ViewBag.FileUploadMsg = "File uploaded successfully.";
ViewBag.FileUploadFlag = "2";

RedirectToAction("B", "FileUploadMsgView", new { FileUploadMsg = "File uploaded successfully" });

In ControllerB receiving part
public ActionResult FileUploadMsgView(string FileUploadMsg)
return View();

Answer Source

Controllers are just classes - new one up and call the action method just like you would any other class member:

var result = new ControllerB().FileUploadMsgView("some string");

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