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Is there any multiline commenting support for C/C++ languages in Atom Editor?

I'd like to enable multi line commenting support in my Atom editor. I'd like the editor to automatically add a

and a proper indentation at the beginning of new lines of a multiline comment. Here's a sample of what I'm looking for:

* This is a comment
* when I'm adding a new line it automatically adds " * ".

I've tried to look for such package in the Atom package search, on the SO and google but I failed to find anything. I must have typed wrong key words.
I know that geany editor has such a feature so I guess that Atom has one as well.

Answer Source

So, I didn't know that the keyswords should be block comment.

I managed to find an excellent extension which is described as a helper package for writting documentation.

One way or another it does what I was looking for.
Here is a link to the repo:

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