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Java Question

Concatenation of a String with characters

The following is a problem from codingbat.

Given a string, return a string where for every char in the original, there are two chars.

doubleChar("The") → "TThhee"
doubleChar("AAbb") → "AAAAbbbb"
doubleChar("Hi-There") → "HHii--TThheerree"

I have two statements that can do this, but the statement in the comment doesn't give the excepted output:

public String doubleChar(String str) {
String str1 = "";
for(int i=0;i<str.length();i++)
//str1 += str.charAt(i) + str.charAt(i);
str1 += str.substring(i,i+1)+str.substring(i,i+1);
return str1;

If I change the commented part to
str1 = str1 + str.charAt(i) + str.charAt(i)
, the output is as required. I am not able to understand this. If the concatenation doesn't, then it shouldn't work for either of the case. Can you help me in this?

Answer Source

str.charAt(i) returns a char, adding two chars results in a char with a codepoint equal to the sum of the input codepoints. When you start with str +, the first concatenation is between a String and a char, which results in a String, followed by the second concatenation, also between a String and a char.

You can fix this a few ways, such as:

str1 += String.valueOf(str.charAt(i)) + str.charAt(i);


str1 += "" + str.charAt(i) + str.charAt(i);

or, as you've already discovered, and likely the most readable:

str1 = str1 + str.charAt(i) + str.charAt(i);
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