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Angularjs working with $filter filter

I'm trying to use $filter to filter dataset retrieved from a JSON file within a controller.
here is the data in the JSON file:

"keyword": "key1",
"path": "path1"
}, {
"keyword": "key2",
"path": "path2"
}, {
"keyword": "key3",
"path": "path3"
}, {
"keyword": "key4",
"path": "path4"
}, {
"keyword": "key5",
"path": "path5"

Then I get the data within my controller like this:

$http.get('/sampleJson.txt').then(function (response) {;

and then I use $filter to filter the data:

vm.results=$filter('filter')(vm.resultSet, {keyword: "key1"});

Finally I use ng-repeat to show the data in the view:

<tr ng-repeat="result in vm.results">
<td><a href="{{result.path}}">{{result.keyword}}</a></td>

However the results variable is empty and nothing shows up. It seems to be pretty basic stuff, however I can not figure out what is wrong?
PS: When I declare other variables in the controller like :

vm.message="Hello, Angular!"

It shows up in the view.

Answer Source

I wrote a solution using $scope. The filter in this solution works. I don't know why you use vm but the $http service works asincronously, and the line

vm.results=$filter('filter')(vm.resultSet, {keyword: "key1"});

should be in the body of the then() function.

Here is a plunk

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