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MapKit or Google Maps SDK? (iOS)

I am doing an app that requires a map with markers (which includes address and pictures) and possibly a GPS. I am feeding the data (address and pictures) from Parse database, and I am developing for iOS... I have heard that native is better, but I am a huge fan of google and google maps. Which one would you recommend? Mapkit or GoogleMaps? What is the benefit of one over the other?

Thank you.

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MapKit has a much better integration with CoreLocation and CoreAnimation. The “Follow user location” mode is missing in Google Maps; as well, the ability to add advanced animations to annotations (MKAnnotation is represented by a UIView, while a GMSMarker is represented by a UIImage) can give your app an appealing touch that the Google Maps SDK just can’t.


As you are going to show address and picture on the marker, so Apple's Map Kit will be better option to work with.

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