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Installer window with multilingual drop dawn using MSI file

Maybe it's a silly question but I can't find an answer. I want to create minor 1 window EXE installer on WinApi which will have a drop down with possibility to choose language. Then inside on exit from that installer I want to run MSI file with the correct language code as an argument. I figured out how to do it if MSI installer lies in the same directory, but for me it's not the best solution.
I would like to include MSI into the EXE installer bundle through RC file. Is it possible? If so, please describe...

Answer Source

Finally I've found the solution. Well described way how it can be done with EXE file can be found here.

P.S. For all those "super guru coders" which can only put -1 with no comments - if you don't like question arguments please, else leave the page!!!

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