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Setting Values Using Reflection

I am using VB.NET. I have created a small scale test project that works similar to my program. I am trying to say something like: getObjectType(object1) if Object1.getType() = "ThisType" then get the properties. Each object contains an ID and I would like to do this: Object1.Id = -1 (I know it won't be that short or easy). I thought there was a way to do this by using something like: Object1.SetValue(Value2Change, NewValue) but that doesn't work and I'm not sure how to exactly do this. Below is my code. Thank You!

Module Module1

Sub Main()

Dim Db As New Luk_StackUp_ProgramEntities

Dim Obj1 As IEnumerable(Of Stackup) = (From a In Db.Stackups).ToList
Dim Obj2 As IEnumerable(Of Object) = (From a In Db.Stackups).ToList

Dim IdNow As Integer = Obj1(0).IdStackup
Dim StackUpNow As Stackup = (From a In Db.Stackups Where a.IdStackup = IdNow).Single

getInfo(Obj1(0), Obj1(0))
areObjectsSame(Obj1(0), Obj1(67))
switchObjects(Obj1(0), Obj2(1))


End Sub

Private Sub ChangeObjectValues(Object1 As Object)

Console.WriteLine("Changing Object Values")
Dim myField As PropertyInfo() = Object1.GetType().GetProperties()
'Dim Index As Integer 'Did not find value
'For Index = 0 To myField.Length - 1
' If myField(Index).ToString.Trim = "IdStackup" Then
' Console.WriteLine("Found the ID")
' End If
If Object1.GetType().Name = "Stackup" Then
'Set the Value
End If

End Sub

Answer Source

Well, I struggled to see how your code example applied to your question, but if you are simply asking how to set the ID of an object using reflection, this code might help you. The trick is that a property is typically handled using a set and a get method.

Imports System.Web.UI.WebControls
Imports System.Reflection

Module Module1

Sub Main()
    Dim tb As New Label()

    Dim t As Type = tb.GetType()
    If TypeOf tb Is Label Then
        Dim mi As MethodInfo = t.GetMethod("set_ID")
        mi.Invoke(tb, New Object() {"-1"})
    End If

End Sub

End Module
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