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httpCompression missing from IIS configuration editor section for SITE

I'm attempting to enable gzip compression on my web server. I've installed the dynamic compression module on the server and enabled it in IIS. Now I'm attempting to specify dynamicTypes to include

. I followed these steps. I successfully added the dynamics types at the server level. When I checked my app, I noticed the response headers still did not include gzip. I then went back into IIS to confirm the configuration editor settings at the server were inherited for my site. At the site level, I do no see an
node in the drop down under the system.webServer section. A colleague with IIS10 (I have IIS8) is able to see the

Any idea why I'm not seeing that node? I believe this is responsible for gzip not working in my setup.

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I just figured out what the problem was. First, there seems to be a difference between versions of IIS (IIS6 and IIS10 in my case) in that some (newer) versions have an system.webServer/httpCompression on the site, not just the server. I thought that was the reason dynamic caching seemed to not work on our dev server but did work on a colleague's machine with IIS10.

It turns out the reason I wasn't seeing a gzip encoding reference in the response headers is because of IE, IE10 to be exact. Our dev environment currently has a certificate problem and you can only open the app in IE. I have IE10 and it does not appear to display any information on the response headers about compressed encoding. I had my colleague with IE11 hit our app in the dev environment and he sees the gzip encoding reference in the response headers.

This is why I hate IE...

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